a deep breath + some tunes

maybe its because i was born in the desert, and have only lived here three years — but i am still overcome by the fall colors seeping into the leaves on the trees. heck, im still overcome by the trees in general! today while my little was sleeping i chose not to rush around the house cleaning, but instead to sit by the window sipping my chi tea and just stared at the trees blowing. i had a moment, a deep breath, as i sat there the music in the background giving me a one-way ticket to travel off into the deep corners where something beautiful resides.

i don’t get many moments like that anymore. with the schedule my little has been keeping lately, i was grateful to have a chance to pause and look around. there are enough colors out my window to make my eyes ache in the relishing of them all. no need to race ahead to the next thing, or to the next day, week or month. i get to take in the beauty of now, even as life speeds on, and soak in all the beauty…

so in honor of this moment — i have decided to share with you my current mix. this mix is rather chill. so sit back, cuddle up and enjoy your first mix, hand-picked from me to you.

  1. start the day early. stephen kellogg + the sixters
  2. atlas hands. benjamin francis leftwich
  3. chances are. garrett hedlund
  4. pink champaign. lovedrug
  5. it’s only the night. brett detar
  6. blue eyes. jill andrews
  7. buy this town. lori mckenna
  8. waking up. olin + the moon
  9. the merchant. tigers that talk
  10. that moon song. gregory alan isakov
  11. there is a light. great lake swimmers
  12. george square. david berkeley
  13. you. jill andrews

get the whole album here

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