it’s been a while. i know.

and really i have no excuse rather than i have enjoyed reading other peoples blogs rather than coming up with something for my own ūüôā

here we are on the first day of twenty-thirteen. for some this is a new, fresh start. a time to attack the fresh, unblemished year. for others, it does not feel this way. pigments of twenty-eleven have bled over to twenty-twelve. and i am one of those hoping for shades of spring before winter is due to pass, hoping for color in a period of gray. i am in a season of introspection, of more quiet, and of some tears. i do not understand the way life washes together sometimes, and quite frankly – i know it’s none of my business.

there is a great unknowing- never being quite sure how the colors will blend, will move, will bleed into each other.¬†the new year is a symbol of new¬†beginnings. ¬†the moment that twenty-twelve became twenty-thirteen the earth moved but a breath. as we counted¬†down¬†to that moment, that change¬†occurred¬†with some of us mid-inhale¬†and some of us mid-exhale. i don’t even¬†remember¬†which one i was.¬†but i do remember thinking to myself – no goals for me. i’m just gonna keep walking in the path i have chosen. try not to¬†shed¬†tears over the paths no longer offered and remember all the treasures that i hold.

and in the end, the hope is that this release and this trust will blend into something richer, more meandering, more beautiful than you could ever have envisioned.

here is to you twenty-thirteen.

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