no resistance

we decided to take a last minuet trip to victoria bc for the new years. we originally were not planing on going anywhere, but with a few internet searches and a great hotel deal online — we were in.


this is where i might back up and tell you that … the last two years for my little family … has been …. well challenging. i know everyone has ups and downs and we have had our share of ups, but it has felt like everything we have done has been met with quite a bit of resistance. everything, even the simplest of things was just harder than we felt it needed to be.

looking back it started when our little straton was born. he came a month early and we were anything but ready, but eddie took a week off to stay home with me anyway. then he went back to work for a week and was laid off. (you can imagine the freak out we had because i had just quit my job to stay at home). the next two years was full of not knowing where the money was coming from, weeks where eddie could only get 12 hours, sickness, death, family disputes, moving, moving again and the list goes on and on. we were worn out. the resistance was getting to us — but we chalked it up to life and kept moving forward.

fast forward back to the day before we left for our vacation. nice little surprises just kept popping up. an unexcited check in the mail, a winning lotto ticket (just 60 bucks, but hey thats a lot). we left our house at 5 in the morning to insure we would make it in time for our 8:20 ferry departure (which we were supposed to check in for an hour in advance). from the moment we left out house, it was like …. the universe said “this is your time — enjoy”

what happened next was a wonderful weekend of small little gestures here and there, blessings hidden around every corner. victoria welcomed us with open arms and i can truly say it was one of the most stress free vacations we have had. everything fell into place, even when we were late, it just … worked out. small things like, getting pulled over and getting a warning (when a ticket should have most defiantly been issued).  being late for the check in but someone ushered to the front of the reservation line. drinks on the house for no other reason other than the waitress just being nice. our room was missing electrical cover plates, so we let them know so they could put them on while we were out. but instead we came back to an upgraded room, which was much much nicer than the tiny tiny room i had booked online at a discount!

where ever we went, we threw out good gestures and acts of kindness to those around us, and we seemed to get them back ten fold. when we had to pay for street parking to go out to dinner, we were gifted with the exact dollar amount in the change dispenser with our parking ticket! not the mention the hotel we stayed at offered a babysitting service, and somehow still had someone available to watch straton new years eve night! so eddie and i enjoyed a night out on the town kid free! we managed to get into a club/bar right before they closed the doors and only let people with pre-purchased tickets in, we got a great seat in a over-crowded bar with a bartender than took care of us all night, making me fun drinks i could still drink (instead of having to have boring water all night), all of them being free, and she even comped eddies last drink of the night at new years telling us were were beautiful people and she wished us the best of luck in the next year.

we were blown away with how this trip was met with no resistance. something neither eddie or i have felt in 2 years. it was refreshing. it renewed our faith in everything, and it was a nice way to end / start the year.

cheers to you twenty-thirteen


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