if you came knocking…

if you came knocking at my door this very instant this is what you would find:

a baby crying, vacuum cleaner running, radio disney blaring, a toddler throwing toilet-paper all over the living room, me – unshowered, no bra, still in my pajamas, yes i know it’s 1 o’ clock, yelling at the toddler not to throw the toilet-paper, or lick the window, make a mental note to add wash windows to my chore list, feed the two kiddos lunch, while scarfing down a protein bar to hold myself over. laying the baby down for a nap, a mountain of laundry waiting to be washed, sweeping up crumbs from breakfast and lunch that will just return after dinner, telling the toddler to eat a hundred times (slow/easily distracted eater), telling the toddler to stop licking the ketsup from his plate and dip his chicken nuggets in it instead. putting toddler to bed. aaaah, me time…

toddler starts kicking the bed and laughing, wakes up baby, toddler gets in trouble, lay both of them back down, both are crying, toddler is still talking, baby is still crying from being woken up, guess i have to go back in there, who’s stupid idea was it to rent a two bedroom house? oh, right both mine and my husbands, idiots.  just another typical afternoon at my place. wanna hang out?


One thought on “if you came knocking…

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful word picture. This is my life right now and I find a small bit of peace in knowing I am not the only mom living almost EXACTLY. this. right. now.

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