menu pad printable

i know there’s a bazillion and one menu pads out there, but i enjoy (so much) having these little sheets next to my computer  and i just had to share.

i finally got the whole menu planning thing down. which is a miracle in itself. but when i get to the store with my list, i am all over the place finding the things on there because they are like WAY out of order. this adds like an extra 20-30 min to my trip because i am going back to the same isles over and over because i didn’t see something on my list when i was still in that isle!

this list has saved me. the PDF prints two per page, so i keep a stack next to my computer for when i sit down to menu plan. seriously this has saved me mucho time.


enjoy! (download shoppinglist) *note, i have been told to hit “fit to page” when printing to avoid cut off 🙂


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