enjoy today

life is hard with a two year old and an baby. it just is. it’s rewarding as all get out, but it can get hard. we have gone through some serious battles over here with our sweet-fun-loving two year old. and dont get my started about our “scream at the top of your lungs” 7 month old. i have done my best to navigate through with as much calm resolve as i can muster. i re-call all of the good moments we have and try not to beat myself up over the bad days. because lets face it — each and every day with small people are a crap shoot ….not everyday can be amazing. i have to remind myself on a daily basis that it actually IS hard to be two. and 7 months. and 31. and so on. we are all growing over here. together.

so my motto for this oh-so-difficult “lots-of-growing-pains” time is enjoy today. tomorrow is going to be different and the next day and the next. and for my children’s sake, we have to make the most of every single day. because they will be gone in the blink of an eye. hence the new art print in the shop ….



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