store highlight : christmas organizer kit

around these parts the holiday season can get quite chaotic. usually we travel for one or more of the holidays, and i have a lot of family spread out, so shipping gifts is always on my to do list. and i am horrible at getting them there on time.

it’s november 1st, and this year i am going to change all that. i created this christmas organizer kit to help me know where i was at on the whole gift giving scene. who do i still need to buy for? how much money have i spent so far? things like that. i have been using these forms for 2 weeks and would you believe that i am about 50 percent done with my holiday shopping!! i know, i can’t believe it either. since we know our december is going to be crazy it is my goal to get everything done and shipped by december 1st … and i really think i might do it this year!

need some holiday organization help? then you might want to check out my kit in the etsy store. it comes with four pages of planning  :

christmas gift list page : i printed like 10 of these and wrote down all the people i knew i had to buy for, this helped me not forget anyone and gave me a space to write ideas, then i just highlighted once i purchased it.

stocking stuffer list : we are not big into the whole stocking thing around here, as our kids are pretty small, but i know people who are, so here is a place to organize all that. if your like me, you buy stuff here and there and then come christmas you have a big box of things you don’t remember who you bought them for! no more, just write it down!!

don’t forget list : just an overall checklist of things that need to be done around the holiday time.

christmas gift log : this is where i record what i have bought, how much and if i have a receipt. this way i can kinda keep track of how much i have spent on people. i just use an envelope and keep all recipes with these forms for easy returns.

and then to make all this organizing a little more fun, i included two pages (16) of my christmas gift tags, just print and cut, that way you have a start on the christmas decoration front! here is a sample of the kit, head on over the to etsy store to see the whole thing!




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