personal note :: resisting less

i am moving much slower these days, folks. not in a lethargic kind of way. in a peaceful kind of way. after so many years of reaching, going, wanting, stretching i am finally being still. my mind finally feels quieter. still. i did not think that was possible with two children but i am trying not to question it too much.

there have been some really beautiful things happening in life, in my heart lately. the last few months with straton have probably been my favorite period so far with him. he is hilarious, smart, interesting, creative, clever and so much fun. although he has has two-year old moments of stubbornness, he is typically such a gem. obedient. sweet. and lately so affectionate. these days with the boys it seems to be less about having the right toys and more about finding the right adventures. everything seems so exciting to straton and sawyer  — i love love love seeing straton’s imagination start to grow.

maybe its because it’s fall, and i love fall. maybe its my state of mind. but i am smiling more. my chest expanding wider when i am on long slightly chilly walks with my boys. im laughing more headily. kissing my husband more deeply. resisting less and embracing more.



quiet hush

sorry for the quiet hush on this blog. it has been the most wonderful of summers up here in the pacific northwest, and with a two year old who is edger for adventures, we have spent a lot less time home and a lot more time throwing rocks into the ocean ….

we will be back full swing soon with lots of new art prints for the store – and free printables for the blog!12august2013

life through my phone


may re-cap // via my phone

1) sunshine lunch date with the hubs is always a treat.
2) little S decided it was time to “face out” (ie, the head is officially held up high)
3) big brother became obsessed with letters.
4) melts my heart. he looks just like his daddy.
5) new bi-weekly tradition : breakfast date with mamma
6) saying goodbye to family moving out of state.
7) wants to be just like his daddy
8) operation “get-my-body-back” officially begins.