2014 wall calendars

they are back!

last years were loved so much, i decided to make them again! kept some of the favorite pages, and updated some to a more fresh and modern look. i received my first batch from the printer last week, so they are offically up on the etsy store. they sold out last year so get your orders in now!

they come with a cute clip for easy hanging. this years i had a cardboard back added for more stability. let me know what you think!



freebie : birthday chart

i have a hard time keeping track of birthdays.

its one of my downfalls, and i have tried writing them on my calendar every year, but that takes a lot of time. so i made this. it sits on a clip board right next to my desk so i can quickly see who’s birthday is coming up. and because i know deep down i am not the only one who struggles, im sharing it with you — enjoy! (click the image to download the PDF)


store highlight : christmas organizer kit

around these parts the holiday season can get quite chaotic. usually we travel for one or more of the holidays, and i have a lot of family spread out, so shipping gifts is always on my to do list. and i am horrible at getting them there on time.

it’s november 1st, and this year i am going to change all that. i created this christmas organizer kit to help me know where i was at on the whole gift giving scene. who do i still need to buy for? how much money have i spent so far? things like that. i have been using these forms for 2 weeks and would you believe that i am about 50 percent done with my holiday shopping!! i know, i can’t believe it either. since we know our december is going to be crazy it is my goal to get everything done and shipped by december 1st … and i really think i might do it this year!

need some holiday organization help? then you might want to check out my kit in the etsy store. it comes with four pages of planning  :

christmas gift list page : i printed like 10 of these and wrote down all the people i knew i had to buy for, this helped me not forget anyone and gave me a space to write ideas, then i just highlighted once i purchased it.

stocking stuffer list : we are not big into the whole stocking thing around here, as our kids are pretty small, but i know people who are, so here is a place to organize all that. if your like me, you buy stuff here and there and then come christmas you have a big box of things you don’t remember who you bought them for! no more, just write it down!!

don’t forget list : just an overall checklist of things that need to be done around the holiday time.

christmas gift log : this is where i record what i have bought, how much and if i have a receipt. this way i can kinda keep track of how much i have spent on people. i just use an envelope and keep all recipes with these forms for easy returns.

and then to make all this organizing a little more fun, i included two pages (16) of my christmas gift tags, just print and cut, that way you have a start on the christmas decoration front! here is a sample of the kit, head on over the to etsy store to see the whole thing!



store highlight : pottychart

we are potty training around these parts. who am i kidding, we have been “potty training” for 6 months now. we will get it eventually. i hope. in one last ditch effort to make the whole process … umm … more appealing, i created this chart. he knows the process, walks around the house saying it over and over (poop, wipe butt, flush, wash hands) – but actually doing it, well we are still working on it.

he gets a small reward for completing each row (treat, lunch at wendy’s etc), and one large one if he completes the whole chart (yet to be decided, because, well we are not there yet.) are you in the potty training boat? have any tips for a stressed out-tired of buying two boxes of diapers from costco momma?


menu pad printable

i know there’s a bazillion and one menu pads out there, but i enjoy (so much) having these little sheets next to my computer  and i just had to share.

i finally got the whole menu planning thing down. which is a miracle in itself. but when i get to the store with my list, i am all over the place finding the things on there because they are like WAY out of order. this adds like an extra 20-30 min to my trip because i am going back to the same isles over and over because i didn’t see something on my list when i was still in that isle!

this list has saved me. the PDF prints two per page, so i keep a stack next to my computer for when i sit down to menu plan. seriously this has saved me mucho time.


enjoy! (download shoppinglist) *note, i have been told to hit “fit to page” when printing to avoid cut off 🙂